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Posted by on Dec 22, 2013 in Fun | 0 comments

The importance of a wine glass…

The importance of a wine glass…

types of wine glasses chart by winefolly

Wine glass is an important instrument for tasting wine! The shape of the glass and the material it is made of is very important as they can influence our perception of wine. The wine glass is normally made of a base/foot, stem and the bowl while stem-less glasses are also becoming popular.

The best glass for tasting wine should be transparent with no painted or cut decorations as this could impede the appreciation of its color. The main rule is to use bigger glasses (the bigger the better to increase the rate of oxidation) for red wines and smaller glasses for white wines. The proper way of grasping the glass would be by the stem to avoid leaving the fingerprints on the bowl and in case of white wines warming the glass. Crystal stemware is usually preferred to glass stemware  because it has a higher index of refraction which gives the sparkle to the glass.

archiElisuitable glass










Pictures by archeli and winefolly!

Here is a number of sites giving advice on the choice of glasses.


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