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Synonyms: Frappatu di Vittoria, Frappatu, Nero capitano, Frappato Nero, Nerello, Nerello di catania

Light -bodied red grape first mentioned by Domenico Sestini in his “Memoirs on Sicilian wines” of 1760, in which a reference is made to the cultivation of the Frappato variety in the city of Vittoria, in the south-eastern province of Ragusa where it is still grown. It may be considered one of the most important grapes in Sicily as it blends with the region’s main grape Nero D’Avola to produce Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Sicily’s first and only DOCG ( since 2005). It is also great as a varietal similar to French Beaujolais- light-bodied, aromatic, low in tannins.The colour is cherry. Nero d’Avola complements Frappatto in color concentration and bodyweight and it’s thus its best blending partner but the blend with Nerello Mascalese and Cappuccio is also possible.