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Sicilian Indigenous White Grape grown mainly in the provinces of Siracuse and Ragusa

Synonyms: Alablanca, Albanella, Albanello Bianco di Siracusa, Alvanella, Alvanello, Arnina Bianca, Arvina and Claretta

One of the oldest Sicilian vine varieties that is now almost disappearing probably because of it’s late ripening.The vine is already mentioned in 18th century as a sweet fortified wine similar to Marsala, Ambrato di Comiso, was produced from its sun-dried grapes. Giovanni Briosi (1879) describes this grape, “The Albanello is not greatly appreciated in the trade, especially not abroad, yet it can be used to make the best dry wine in all of Sicily.” Nowadays it it used mainly as a blending component for Eloro DOC, complimenting Catarratto Bianco and Grillo.