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Synonyms: Riddu, Rossese Bianco

Sicilian White Grape Variety  cultivated mainly in the province of Trapani and Agrigento but also in the provinces of Palermo and Siracuse, in lesser quantities.

The grape has been growing in the Province of Trapani where it was probably imported from Puglia after the phyllossera attack in 19th century and it was used as a component part of Marsala the most famous of  sicilian fortified wines. Now a big part of it has been replaced  by Catarrato which gives better yields but is still used in the production of the best Marsala wines.. The grape is known for withstanding high temperatures.

Excellent in varietal wines, it is also used in different DOC blends like MONREALE, ALCAMO, CONTEA DI SCLAFANI, DELIA NIVOLELLI


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