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Corinto nero

synonyms: Passolina, Aiga Passera, Staphina, Patras Currant, Niuriduzzi.,sparrow black Kourenti, Passarilla, Marine noir , Tarmarina

Corinto Nero is a dark-skinned red wine grape originating from Greece, perhaps from Corinth as the name suggests ( it is quite possible as many grape varieties take its source from Corinth). Although it is most known and grown in Greece and Turkey, it has made its way to Italy, specifically northeastern Sicily-  the province of Messina.

In the modern wine world Corinto Nero grapes are cultivated mainly in Aeolian Islands (the Lipari chain), where it is used as a blending component for Malvasia in Malvasia delle Lipari where its representation is restricted to a 5%  (which is why they are ranked among the most obscure and rarely-used Italian wine grapes.