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Sparkling wines on Etna

Posted by on Dec 7, 2013 in News, Wine events | 0 comments

Huge number of sicilian winemakers gathered yesterday on Etna on a symposium dedicated to Sicilian sparkling wines to discuss and share their knowledge. Sicily wouldn’t be an ideal place to produce sparkling dry wines as the climate is very hot was it not for Mount Etna, which has it’s unique climate. Vineyards growing from 300- 1000 m above the sea level account for fresher air, there are different terroirs and different sun exposure on different slopes. That accounts for the fact that the first sicilian sparkling DOC wine is produced on Etna. Various interesting speeches like that of Joseph Reiterer , the winemaker of Arunda Vivaldi, in Alto Adige,...

Collection of vintage wines inside a mall ?- Ipercoop in Sicily opens a giant wine shop!

Posted by on Dec 6, 2013 in News, Wine events | 0 comments

Ever dreamt of finding a bottle of your favorite vintage wine  inside a supermarket ? It is now possible as Ipercoop inside Zagare mall has just opened a new wine shop with as many as 639 labels and 88 wineries most of which sicilian ( 500 labels  and 70 wineries). This is only  beginning as the plans are to increase these numbers.The 100 square meters space is divided between different valleys:  Val Demone, Valle dell’Etna, Val di Noto, Valle dei Templi, Valle dei Sicani e Val di Mazara. As the head of everything Etna Valley, with some 216 bottles. Lots of celebrities from the world of sicilian wine, producers...

Etna wines – Part 1

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Featured | 0 comments

Probably the most fascinating and passionate wine regions in Italy is Mount Etna. Etna is not only a mountain but an active volcano as well, continuously spitting ash and lava on its slopes; yet grapes have been cultivated on it since antiquity- in fact the legend localizes the first Sicilian vineyard on the slopes of Etna. Supposedly (Ateneo narrates so in III century BC ) it was Orestheus also called Phytios meaning ‘the planter’ to plant the first vine plant in Sicily and on Etna. The wine of Etna is often mentioned in Greek mythology  as the favourite drink of the Cyclopes who lived on its slopes and judged...

Sparkling Wines- Etna 6/12/2013, Castiglione di Sicilia

Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Wine events | 0 comments

Sicily, ‘The Place of the Future’ is the title of this event organized on Etna on the 6/12/2013 with the subtitle ‘Etna Distretto Spumantistico’ i.e. Etna the Sparkling Wines District. More and more winemakers on Etna have undertaken the challenge of producing bubbly wines and they are ready to share their experience with us. What are the prospects and general outlook? Be there to see.. The event will be held in Picciolo Golf Resort, in Rovitello....

The Reds of Etna – Tasting and Seminar

Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Wine events | 2 comments

This mini seminar and tasting dedicated to the ‘reds of Etna’ will be held in the beautiful Villa di Bella on Sunday morning (10 am) on 8 Dec 2013 and run by the enologist of Quantico Pietro di Giovanni. Second rendezvous to learn about Etna’s wines and have a sip with friends. Whether you participated in the first meeting or not, we are awaiting you numerous. Please call to...

Harvest 2013- Quantico

Posted by on Nov 5, 2013 in Wine events, Wineries | 0 comments

For some Quantico are the headquarters of the FBI Academy in Virginia, the site for training special agents.For me Quantico is my favorite ‘magmatic’ wine -‘wine which speaks to the heart’ as it states on the label, organic, natural; produced on the northern slopes of Etna. It seems that ‘Quantico’ wine has more to do with quantum physics than with special agents. They are experimenting and examining magnetic fields on the vineyard rather they employing fertilizers and other chemicals and certainly they put a great deal of positive energy for the wine to turn out magic. At their fifth harvest now -and the quality of the wines has been...